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A few of our biggest hits

Stand-Up Comedy Terms 

A collection of relevant comedy terms and phrases. It’s an open ended as many more terms and phrases which need defining and documenting will be added.

Series: How to Write Funnier Jokes 

We demonstrate how using specific details makes jokes easier to understand, more relatable, and funnier.

How to Become a Comedian 

We’ll help you with all aspects of beginning, growing and managing your stand-up comedy routine. Everything from writing, performing and more.

Upcoming events

Online Open Mic Nite

Join us on June 23, 5 - 6 PM pst.The first ten people to arrive get the mic!

Level 1 - How to Build a Stand-Up Comedy Routine

This 5-week class you’ll focus on the fundamentals, principles and techniques of the Greg Dean Method of Stand-Up Comedy.

Level 2 - Writing a Show & Performing at the Improv

It’s online and meets every Monday afternoon via zoom for the first 5 weeks. With a showcase on the sixth week.

Ongoing Joke Writing Group on Zoom

An ongoing joke writing group that meets weekly for people who have completed the Building Routines or Advanced Joke Writing Course.
$199 / 4 weeks

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